Even the sun shone at London Olympic - a collection of TfL adverts

The 2012 London Olympics is coming to an end - or by the time you read this if you wake up the next morning in the Asia Pacific, has ended.

The transportation nightmare did not materialize, the part of London I live and study became quieter with less crowds and less cars; tube was in good services for most of the days I traveled during the games (a rarity especially over the weekend during any other time).  The non-stop rains before the opening ceremony stopped just in time and the sun shone.

Although most of my Brits friends commented the opening was nothing compared to the one in Beijing with its hugely impressive choreography, to me the London opening ceremony was a more adorable one  - with the usual British mix of self-mocking humor and a show about the people.  A show I could relate to and truly enjoyed.  The games themselves were beyond words - and I have never in my life watched so many different games - thanks to the ubiquitous live from BBC.  One could pick to watch from pubs, parks or even on campus.

I went around collecting adverts by the Transport for London as a way of remembering this incredible summer game.

Warning of exceptionally busy stations: 

Warning of Road Restrictions: 

Appeal to get prepared: 

These adverts seem to have achieved their goals - people stayed away if they could, trains ran smoothly and people enjoyed walking down pedestrian-only streets to enjoy what the city and the games had to offered!   These were moments to be remembered and cherished.

Quoting from the economist: 'Usain Bolt won the 100 metres in under ten seconds, but those seconds were quite exciting. The life of a country, like a person’s, is made up of moments, and the golden ones can be cherished even if they change nothing.'  (Source: http://www.economist.com/node/21560253)